Hi, I'm Alexis Rudman. I am an attorney and editor with many interests who is always striving to learn and help others learn.

Alexis Rudman's Bio:

The name "Alexis" is Greek for "Helper and Defender of Mankind." "Lex" is also Latin for "The Law".  And "lexicon" is essentially a catalog of a given language's words (its wordstock), while grammar is its other major element. An attorney by profession, Alexis Rudman is also a writer, editor and all around productive and ethical person with strong moral values and religious beliefs. She spends every moment as well as she can and is always striving to do better and help other people in the United States and, indeed, all over the world.  Her daily life consists of  a large variety of interests and activities; including inter alia, politics, history, current events, live concerts, piano, ice hockey, and traveling.

Alexis Rudman is licensed to practice law in the states of New York and Florida, as well as the Federal Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. She is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Miami School of Law. Ms. Rudman  became a member of the Nassau County Police Reserves in 2012, as well. She has held a variety of legal positions beyond the spectrum of most attorneys. She has experience in both litigation and transactional matters.  Her legal jobs have included those in the fields of music and entertainment law, collections and creditors rights law, and civil actions. She also has substantial knowledge in the field of family law.

For the past several years, she has worked in educational publishing and test preparation at National Learning Corporation, where she has performed in-house counsel and editorial work. She has written, edited and/or proofread a compendium of material on a multitude of academic and vocational areas. She has, thereby, learned the most important facts pertaining to a broad array subjects.  A few of the topics she labored over the most include, inter alia, World Conflicts, Texas Real Estate Law, Latin, English Grammar & Usage, Cosmetology and Trichology.

Alexis Rudman is quite worldly, having traveled throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. She has an in-depth knowledge of the Latin language, Classical Civilization and Roman and Greek Mythology. She mastered these subjects in high school, tutored and earned several honors. She has traveled to Rome and Pompeii and recently edited a review book, containing Questions and Answers, for preparing for the AP Latin Exam. 

Alexis Rudman also has a strong appreciation for music and performance. She frequently attends live concerts of top music groups. She knows songs, lyrics, musicians and people in the music industry. She has played piano from a young age and is currently combining keyboarding skills with vocals in private lessons.  Her favorite undergraduate courses at Cornell were History of Rock Music and Pop Music 101.  Now, she continues studying these subjects on her own.

In addition, Alexis Rudman has an in-depth and wide ranging knowledge of US and world affairs, politics, business, media, Hollywood and professional sports. She knows faces and names of people in the news.  She worked for Fischler Hockey where she interviewed professional ice hockey players, wrote articles and commentary. When the All Star Game was played in New York and she was only fourteen years old, her Letter to the Editor of Crain's New York about hockey player stereotypes was published. She was first exposed to ice hockey when she was very young and can still remember going to the the Nassau Veterans' Memorial Coliseum when the New York Islanders' Dynasty won four straight Stanley Cups (almost five). She played competitively for the Long Island Waves and Arrows Hockey while in high school.

But although Alexis Rudman greatly enjoys NHL Center Ice, she is normally further to the right wing on politics. She always stays up-to-date on current events and gets her news through all the various media outlets, including, periodicals, non-fiction books, talk radio, television, movies, and the web. She is a news aficionado and usually appreciates political discussions and debate.

Most importantly, Alexis Rudman is a fervent supporter of justice and individual rights throughout the United States and the World. Alexis is a firm advocate of the US Constitution and seeks to uphold all its virtues, including, inter alia, checks and balances, Separation of Powers, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association, Freedom of the Press and the Fourth Amendment freedom from unlawful searches and seizures. She is constantly striving to help others, even if it may be through heated argument. Above anyone else, she places her trust in God.

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New York Bar, Florida Bar, Federal Bar (SDNY, EDNY), Nassau County Police Reserves, Cornell Alumni Association, University of Miami Alumni Association, Republican Party, GOP, Nassau County Young Republicans, Nassau County Federation of Republican Women, Police Conference of New York (PCNY), Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division, American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), The Federalist Society, The Heritage Foundation, The Tea Party, Individuals United for Freedom, The Independent Institute, The Freedom Center, The United West, New York Bar Association, Florida Bar Association, Dade County Bar Association, Broward County Bar Association, American Bar Association. Philanthropy: Hockey Fights Cancer, USO, VFW, Wounded Warriors, March of Dimes,, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation, Helen Keller National Center For The Deaf & Blind, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Fire Department Relief. History of the Holocaust, World War II, American History, World History, History of Architecture, Classics. Founding Member of the George W. Bush Presidential Museum & Library, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, Book Expo America, New York Business Expo. Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard. School of Rock: Singing, Vocals, Keyboard. Pianist. Compiling Music Collections. Reciting movie lines. Concerts, Traveling, Fashion, Style, Shopping. Ice hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball. New York Islanders, New York Yankees Sports History. Newsday, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Crains New York Business, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post, Daily News Egypt, The Times of London. Current Events, News, Politics, Radio, Movies, Television, Pop Culture. Researching, reading, writing, viewing, editing, proofreading, speaking and publishing of all kinds.